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A.I-Powered Jewelry Stylist

An Intelligent Digital Jewelry Styling Software for Jewelry Stores, Big Luxury Brands, and More

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Perfect Matches

JewelBot finds shoppers the perfect piece for their needs and style using proprietary algorithms, machine learning, and the overall power of a dedicated, and intelligent A.I bot.

Customer Satisfaction

Whether it is a jewelry store, a jewelry department in a large supermarket, or an independent stylist, Jewelbot can help optimize business operations and leave customers happier and more stylish than ever before.

About Us

A Customer Retention Machine

JewelBot is a first of its kind software API which can be integrated into any jewelry store platform or any jewelry company. JewelBot recognizes that jewelry shopping can be burdensome, time- consuming, stressful, costly with expensive returns, and difficult with finding the right piece to match your budget, skin tone, or size. 

JewelBot is a software which helps jewelry vendors solve all of these problems and make their customers happier. The platform is capable of harnessing shopper data to quickly and accurately match jewelry shoppers to the jewelry of their dreams.

About Us

A few examples of the types of jewelry our stylist can aid you with:

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Diamond Ring
Image by Kateryna Hliznitsova
Image by Andrew Hutchings

Golden Pendants

Diamond Rings

Gold Necklaces

Designer Earrings

Smat Lihts

Smart Lights

JewelBot offers a dazzling in-store experience component to go with the innovative software . Each smart suggestion not only appears on shopper's mobile devices when they shop but a ray of light is shone upon each piece the software believes fits their needs well, literally directing you to your dream jewelry, saving you time and effort but also ensuring a promising fit.

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Heading 2


What Makes JewelBot So Dazzling?

Purchaser Profiles

JewelBot helps companies know their customers better. Purchaser profiles allow shoppers to input key information onto JewelBot's server such as their budget, style preferences, gem stone choices, and more which help deliver a personalized shopping experience.

Smart Suggestions

Fueled by the shopping patterns and purchaser profiles of the buyer, JewelBot will generate and constantly update a list of fitting jewelry pieces for shoppers based on their wants, inducing sales, and resulting in higher satisfaction purchases.

3D-Printing Digital Files

JewelBot understands the perfect piece of jewelry doesn't always exist no matter how impeccable match-making software can be. JewelBot's customization feature allows shoppers to design jewelry digitally and download a 3D-printing file of the design which can be taken to any printing site to have jewelry come to life.

Photo Analyzation

JewelBot's A.I is capable of analyzing the linked social media accounts and photos of shoppers on profiles to decipher customer's true styles.

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Our Process

How it Works

Image by Brooke Lark
Showcase Full of Gold
Image by Sama Hosseini

Create a Profile

Shopper's can sign up and create an account with their favourite retailers using JewelBot. Shoppers will be prompted to complete a profile which includes info about them such as their gender, age, budgets, and more. This will provide JewelBot a pool of reliable data to source from to get to know shoppers better.


Shop Around

To understand shopper purchasing habits, shoppers can simply put some items they like in their shopping cart. Once JewelBot's A.I. is confident it has some picks shoppers will like, shoppers will be notified. Suggestions will update as customers shop accordingly.


Choose & Tweak

Shoppers can decide to purchase any of the smart recommendations made to them or opt for the digital jewelry builder option, allowing one to tweak an item and receive a downloadable file from JewelBot so the item can be 3D-printed.

Our Process
Image by Cornelia Ng


The Answers You Need

Get in Touch

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How Can Companies Integrate JewelBot Into Existing Websites?

JewelBot is designed to work seamlessly in the back of your company’s existing website recommending jewelry for your customers as they browse and shop for jewelry online. Jewelry store owners will be prompted to provide details of their existing website once they purchase and sign up for JewelBot. The JewelBot team will take care of the rest! We will integrate JewelBot’s match-making magic onto your platform for you.

Is JewelBot Compatible With All Jewelry or Just Rings?

JewelBot will suggest all types of jewelry pieces within the connected store’s inventory to buyers so they can make an informed purchase. JewelBot is not limited to just rings. We’re not called RingBot after all!

I Don't Need The Smart Lights Feature, My Store is Online Only.

While our Smarts Lights feature makes in-person shopping truly magical, we recognize not all jewelry vendors have a physical in-store presence. JewelBot’s team is willing to let clients pay for what they need only and will reduce the price of the software accordingly. Our Feature-based licensing model allows for just that! Clients can pay for the features they need only when signing up under this licensing model.

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